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Free Stop System Installation

Free Stop roller shade Installation
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How to measure

Inside mount: Measure the actual width of recess


Outside mount: Measure the width and each side add 2cm.
*Please measure in three places – top, centre and bottom of the recess, in case the width of the window frame are different.

How to install


-Mount brackets on the wall or the ceiling.

*Brackets should be placed properly and be vertical.

-Fix on the wall—Nail screws on the two sides of bracket, and spring buckle faces forward.

-Fix on the ceiling—Nail screws below to fix, and spring buckle faces forward.


-Every bracket should be matched with the product

1. Push the groove of roller shade rod at an angle forward to the spring leaf.

2. After pushing forward, buckle the roller shade rod up.

-Make sure that the curtain and brackets match well.

How to choose

Choose the style

1. Choose it that fits the window size.

2. Choose it that suits the room of user.

3. Choose it that can reach the best visual effect.

Choose the fabric

1. Choose it according to the shading rate. The darker fabric is, and the better shading will be.

2. Choose it that fits to the plastered color of the room.

Choose inside/outside mount

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